I was very skeptical when I started training with Jordan. I had tried everything from Farrell’s to other gyms and I always ended up quitting because I lost motivation and also used all kinds of excuses to not go to the gym.
Since I started with Jordan I have changed my lifestyle for the better. I changed my mindset from getting to my goals overnight to realizing that I can accomplish way more with a long term commitment. He has taught me how to eat properly and is very supportive during our workouts!
— Claudia T.

I have been training with Jordan for over a year. Jordan helped me get the most fit I have ever been. I have never stopped and will continue as long as he trains. I went from having a heart attack 4 years ago to now. My heart Dr. Just totally released me from having to ever go.back to see him. I’ve lost 14 lbs lost lots of inches and went from 233 to 131 cholesterol.
— Michele S.

I had not planned to get into the whole CrossFit routine, but I will say that Jordan’s incorporating CrossFit routines has made my training experience more diverse and it kicks my a**. While I often mutter things under my breath and still get those damn side cramps I have enjoyed my workouts with Jordan.
— Roger A.

Working out with Jordan is hard work and also fun. I’ve met some wonderful friends. It’s great being part of a team that supports you every step of the way! Thanks Jordan for all that you do in helping me achieve my goals.
— Anna S.