Fitness Revolution Iowa has brought a new style of exercise programming to the West Des Moines Area.

Our focus is to deliver comprehensive health and fitness programs to our clients through private, semi-private or personal fitness programs. Our fun and family oriented atmosphere will allow you to overcome the intimidation of walking into a gym. Our easy approach is quick and simple to learn so anyone can be immediately welcome into our fitness community. 

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Why Join Our Gym? - Having someone hold you accountable and motivated to reach your goals has a tremendous impact on your success. Our knowledge, experience, and professional approach will guarantee you see results. 

Look Good, Feel Good! - Imagine losing that first ten pounds and how amazing you would feel. Daily tasks would become easier, clothes will start to fit a little better, and you will find yourself with more energy to live a more active life every single day. 

Support System - Lack of motivation is a huge factor when investing in a personal trainer. Get the accountability, a well rounded support system and motivation you need to help reach your goals. 

Education - We want to teach you everything we have learned in school, through our collegiate internship programs, and experiences. Learning how your body works will allow you to get the best results and teach you how to sustain these changes. 



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